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Leadership and Support

Unless you are a dedicated specialist, the array of systems and DRAM options available today seems almost overwhelming. The technologies available today promise that memory designs will become even more sophisticated and complex in the very near future.

Our engineers, working closely with processor and OEM system producers, fully understand the technical foundations of the latest innovations, and can develop memory solutions that will take full advantage of them. As new systems are introduced, you can always be assured that Rocky Mountain RAM will be there with state-of-the-art memory solutions. Equally important to the operation of your network, we bring continued support for all levels of technology within your organization, with continuing product support for early 486 and Mac systems, notebooks, printers, servers and routers.

Our sales and technical support staff are experts at assisting with the proper selection of memory solutions for your entire computing environment. As you explore our online configuration guide, you'll get a very good idea of the astonishing range of available computer systems in service today. As an experienced and dedicated memory specialist, Rocky Mountain RAM is committed to support the machines of tomorrow as well as the machines of today.

100% Compatible Memory Solutions...when you need them most!

With extensive inventory position, timely process planning, and continual development of manufacturing efficiency enhancements, Rocky Mountain RAM has gained a national reputation as the memory builder that offers:

  • More of what our customers want
  • Extensive inventories
  • Timely, Accurate Delivery
  • Comprehensive OEM and Model Support
  • Toll-free product, configuration, and technical support

Servers and Workstation

In our digital world, memory is a simple decision. Adding memory is the fastest and most cost effective strategy to increase the performance of your network and bolster productivity.

Many studies show that investments in memory upgrades can actually pay of themselves in as little as several weeks. Rocky Mountain RAM's guaranteed server and workstation memory solutions provide 100% compatible performance enhancements to the machines that drive your business.

An investment in our server and workstation memory solutions offers an additional, priceless benefit: peace of mind.

What our customers know: Savings of up to 50%!

Rocky Mountain RAM memory modules are manufactured to meet and exceed every OEM performance specification. Our products are identical in form and function to your specific machine's engineering specification, and are optimized exactly to individual model performance requirements.