Rocky Mountain RAM Order Process

Reference Information: DFARS Section 208.74 directs DoD software buyers and requiring officials to check the DoD ESI website for DoD inventory or an ESA before using another method of acquisition. For additional information, please reference:

These steps for the buyer are summarized from the DFARS:

  1. Check the Enterprise Agreement Summary Table to determine if software rights or maintenance have already been purchased and are available from DoD inventory. If they are available, purchase the designated software from DoD inventory and reimburse the SPM.
  2. If the required software rights or maintenance are not available from inventory but are available from an ESA, you must follow the procedure in the DFARS Section 208.74.
  3. If you must obtain the software or software maintenance outside the DoD ESA, you may seek a waiver from a management official designated by your DoD Component.

Reference Information: DFARS Section 208.74 directs DoD software buyers and requiring officials

Delivery Orders:  The scope of this effort is worldwide.  Delivery requirements and administration will be stipulated on Delivery Orders.

Notice to Ordering Offices:   Requiring officials and ordering officers are responsible for complying with applicable statutes, regulations and policies.  Good business judgment in finding the best value to meet the needs of the United States should be exercised in all acquisitions.

Ordering via this BPA is decentralized:
DoD agencies: Follow the procedures in DFARS 208.405-70(b) and (c).

Government prime contractors: Follow the terms of this BPA, the GSA schedule, your contract and the direction of its Government contracting officer in accordance with FAR Part 51 for ordering from Federal Supply Schedules.

Professional services: This single BPA may be used for acquiring IT Professional services when defined as individual tasks, within scope of the Statement of Objectives for Data at Rest (DAR) Encryption.

Contractor team arrangements must be identified and company relationships fully disclosed in each offer for cost-reimbursement, time-and-materials, or labor-hour subcontracts; and fixed-price subcontracts that exceed 5 percent of the total amount.

Commercial interim payment for software maintenance may be authorized after the circumstances of FAR 32.202-1(b) are determined to apply.

Note that the Rocky Mountain RAM BPA WILL be placed in the Department of the Navy’s (DON) ITEC Direct system as part of the DON Information Technology Electronic Commerce (ITEC) Direct Project. This BPA will also be loaded into the electronic catalog systems of other DoD agencies.

Delivery Schedule: Rocky Mountain RAM/McAfee will make available the current version of software via electronic download within two days of receipt of order.