Anti-virus does its best to prevent viruses from infecting your computer. Infections remain widespread. Viruses that get past anti-virus can be impossible to find or remove after the fact. The infection is in control. The FixMeStick can find and remove these viruses because it's a separate "computer on a stick" not controlled by the infection.


Add security to your portable drive or protect your entire server from unauthorized access.

Squadra Technologies

Squadra Technologies provides security solutions for small to large organizations. Squadra’s flagship product is Security Removable Media Manager (secRMM). secRMM focuses on protecting sensitive data from leaving the organization by monitoring all write activity to external storage devices such as usb/flash/thumb drives, smart phones, SDCards and external hard drives. In addition to providing the highest degree of security auditing, secRMM provides an authorization module that restricts users based on: userid, device serial number, source directory, source file extension and program used. For more details, please visit Squadra Technologies.


Encrypted CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.


Data Integrity

Data Integrity Security