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Portable Security

USB Flash Drives are now the hottest trend in portable personal drives. Because of their small size and USB connectivity, universities, government entities, small businesses and large enterprises are now seeing the benefits of these devices.

Rocky Mountain Ram offers different types of USB flash drive from simple everyday uses to highly secure environments. Rocky Mountain Ram also offers personalized drives you can imprint your logo on the drive.

Customer Testimonial:
"I have a Rocky Mountain Ram Ultrasleek 4 GB Flash Drive. I am amazed at this stick. I took the laundry out of my washer this AM and discovered that I had left the stick in my pants pocket. My mouth dropped open and my stomach dropped. I had just updated a work project on that stick and knew all my work was in vain. The cap was still on the stick but water drops came from the stick when I shook it. I tried dried it with a towel but knew in my heart it was gone. I took the stick to work with me this morning and placed it in my computer just knowing it was a futile act. You can't imagine the surprise & joy I felt when it was recognized and all my files were there. This is a great product. Keep up the great work."

Bill Ellerman

Training Specialist, US Army