USB / Flash Drives

Secure Drives

Rocky Mountain Ram carries a full line of secure FIPS Certified Encrypted Drives, ranging from the FIPS 140-2 level 1 Secure Ultralock USB, and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 completely tamper proof encrypted biometric drive. All drives manufactured by Rocky Mt Ram are 100% Green, and all drives as offered are RoHS Certified Compliant. Rocky Mountain Ram is your total source for secured mobile devices, our newest offering includes anti-malware protection resident on the device, and the capabilities to allow CAC authentication into the devices. Management, Auditing and blocking software is available to truly manage and control all our drives while on the enterprise network. Rocky Mountain Ram offers a full line of OEM choices, including McAfee, MXI, Imation, and IronKey. Full life-time warranty.


Standard Drives

Our Sleek durable drives comes in either plastic or aluminum body with many color choices. Optional logo, etching and data load can be added to your drive for personalization, please contact Rocky Mt Ram for a custom quote. Our flash drives carry a full life-time warranty.


Virtual Drives

Virtual Drives/ Secure Windows Bootable Drive
New Virtual Drives feature Ceedo technology; High Performance, High Speed USB 3.0. New secure USB Desktop (SUD) environment from MXI: Bootable Windows drive

MXI Stealth Zone Virtual Drive
MXI Ceedo Virtual Workspace
Fixme Stick

Flash Memory Cards

Flash memory is a nonvolatile (retains information even when the power is removed), solid-state (no moving parts like a hard drive) memory. Flash memories are being used in digital cameras, game consoles, cell phones, handhelds, and etc. due to its durability, high-speed data rate of transfer and low voltage requirements.