Virtual Flash Drives

"Desktop on a Stick" Drives

Our New Virtual Drive features Ceedo technology This USB 3.0 Drive is a slim, high performance flash drive with an on-board caching system for improved performance. Life-time warranty.

Portable Desktop Solutions

MXI facilitates greater worker mobility without compromising security. We provide leading-edge technology for data security, portable enterprise computing and digital identities. For our clients this means peace-of-mind: their data, applications and portable workspaces are protected with the most complete set of security certifications in the industry.

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Stealth Zone

Many MXI devices can be enabled with MXI Stealth Zone, an innovative platform for deployment of a Secure USB Desktop (SUD) environment on a high-security device. With MXI Stealth Zone any computer ― including shared systems, home computers or other untrusted computers ― can be instantly transformed into a standard IT-managed system while maintaining both performance and security.

Users simply plug in their MXI Stealth Key M500, M550 or M700 Bio into any computer, then reboot and authenticate their identity. They then have access to their full operating system and desktop applications. When they leave, their desktop leaves with them, and no trace of their presence remains behind on the host.

Deployments are fully manageable with MXI’s ACCESS Enterprise device management system,allowing control of device security policies and usage. The MXI Stealth Zone appliance, based on MXI’s own proven device manufacturing systems, allows quick, secure and reliable creation of hundreds or thousands of MXI Stealth Zone devices in a short period of time. Administrators and systems integrators have full freedom to configure user environments without having to involve MXI, which removes logistical and security barriers.

Leveraging MXI’s industry-leading strong authentication technologies and hardware-based encryption, MXI Stealth Zone guarantees protection of applications, operating system and data.

MXI Stealth Zone

Ceedo Virtual Workspace

Ceedo’s virtual workspace integrates with MXI Security’s encrypted drives to provide a low-TCO laptop alternative that allows any unmanaged Windows PC to be used securely as a provisioned and IT-managed working environment. Industry-leading Encrypted USB product line to deliver flexible computing solutions for a wide variety of scenarios, including teleworking, remote access and disaster recovery. In an increasingly complex IT world, maintaining laptop PCs is an expensive endeavor. But as it turns out - most of the cost comes from the constant hours spent installing, removing, updating and troubleshooting software. On top of the direct IT maintenance time lost, there is also employee downtime and lost productivity while waiting for IT personnel to address the user's issues and needs.

On top of the direct IT maintenance time lost, there is also employee downtime and lost productivity while waiting for IT personnel to address the user's issues and needs. By isolating the workspace - the user's applications, data, and associated resources - from the PC hardware and operating system, Ceedo Enterprise provides enterprises with a highly secure "work anywhere - anytime" computing solution that is simpler and more affordable to provision and manage. Deploying Ceedo Enterprise on an MXI Security USB device enables businesses to provide their employees, contractors and partners with protected anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical business applications.

MXI Ceedo Virtual Workspace

FixMe Stick

An Independent, External, Clean, Virus Removal Device


• The FixMeStick is set-up and ready to go right out of the box. No installation or downloading is required.
• Automatic updates are fetched and stored directly on the device.
• Any user can start with 2 steps: 1-  insert  key,  and  2-  double-click "Run  FixMeStick".

Systems supported:

• Any PC.
• MacOS beta July 2012.

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